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As leaders at Las Palmas Community Church, we desire to spread the Good News of Christ to our church family and the community. We are filled with joy and thanks as we see what God is doing within the church and its members.


Senior Pastor: Ric Martinez

There are three things that excite me about ministy: prayer, sharing God’s Word, and His Gospel. God’s Word is the blueprint for life itself. The Bible is the manual of operation for how life begins and thrives and becomes abundant. Hope, Peace, Truth, Relationship, Eternity is found in its pages. Warning and blessing, choice and freedom...everything one needs to find fulfillment can be had by knowing, believing, and acting upon the words in God’s Word. What could be more fulfilling than helping one along the journey of discovering this!

Youth Pastor/Associate Pastor: Uriel Silva


Pastor Uriel has served as LPCC's Youth Pastor since 2006. He works with 180° Youth Ministries (6th-12th grades) as well as singles and college/career ministries. Pastor Uriel facilitates a Youth Night on Thursdays, Football Sunday, as well as numerous outreaches and activities throughout the year. Uriel attended San Diego Christian College and earned a degree in Pastoral Counseling. He has been married for 14 years and with his wife Tara has three children. His wife teaches high school science and is the head of our women's ministry.


Children's Pastor: Deanna Gibson

Pastor Deanna has served as LPCC's Children's Pastor for 15 years. She also supervises activities throughout the year, such as Children and Teen Quizzing, Vacation Bible School, and the Resurrection Hunt. Pastor Deanna also facilitates a Children's Night on Thursdays at the church.

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