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Welcome to "Nazarene Connect". Here you will uncover Las Palmas Community Church (LPCC). Choosing the tracks on the "My Tracks" menu will allow you to receive messages, ministry information, contract records for staff, and much more.

We encourage you to take the short Spiritual Growth Assessment to receive Bible verses that will meet your needs and personalize your experience. Become a disciple of Jesus through discovering God's approach to living and deepening your understanding of His Word.

Each day you will receive His Word and information concerning events, prayer requests, and the praises of the LPCC Community.

In a world that is often confusing, His justice is discovered and lived out by those who are connected. His Holy love is expressed as a light, giving us hope and meaning. His mercy is the solution for our world. We at LPCC have a place for you. Come join us as we journey on this adventure together.

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